How Companionship Helps Senior Adults


Family caregivers are not robots. Most likely than not, they do experience feeling depleted of their energy and physically and mentally exhausted from providing senior care in Maryland for their sick or elderly loved ones. This is a completely normal feeling and should not be swept under the rug. As families help each other out, it is possible that there are instances when no one else can cover so they can take respite.

At Love One Home Healthcare, we understand the struggles of family caregiving that’s why we offer companion services as well as respite care. As much as it benefits the primary caregiver by allowing them to take time off to rest and recharge, companionship benefits seniors as well.

  • Companions serve as secondary emotional support to seniors.
    They would most likely discuss their emotions and what they feel with non-family members. Most likely than not, they feel that their situation is a burden to their adult children or close relatives.
  • Beyond social and emotional support, companion caregivers help support aging by assisting in meal planning and preparation.
    They also assist in light exercises such as leisurely walks to maintain mobility and endurance.
  • Provide specialized care with their experience to care for seniors living with chronic illness.
    They can help manage symptoms and know what to do in certain situations.

If you are a family caregiver and in need of time away from your duties to relax or to attend to important errands, our home health care in Greenbelt, Maryland can help your elderly loved ones while you’re away. Call us now at 301-773-4595 and we can discuss your needs.

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