Grooming and Hygiene for the Elderly


Personal hygiene is important for everyone, especially for aging adults. Poor hygiene can result in infections and health complications, so to avoid these, aging adults and seniors should be properly encouraged to maintain good personal hygiene practices and to accept the assistance they need in doing these.

Our senior care in Maryland can help seniors in their grooming and hygiene challenges through efficient caregivers. In-home caregiving can assist seniors when performing personal hygiene tasks. They can also introduce a daily routine program that includes washing and bathing, grooming, brushing of teeth, and skincare. Important hygiene tasks for seniors must include washing the face and genital area daily, brushing their teeth at least twice a day, and taking full baths twice a week as a minimum.

Since some seniors may lose their mobility or the ease of performing daily living activities alone, companion services are often necessary. Having a professional companion or caregiver at home will allow seniors to plan the day that corresponds to their needs.

It may be difficult for seniors to accept help in doing private activities such as performing hygiene tasks. It is normal for them to feel embarrassed at first. This is why live-in caregivers are ideal because they can easily establish a relationship with the client and the latter may feel readily familiar with them.

A private home caregiver, such as our caregivers at Love One Home Healthcare, will ensure that comfort, safety, and the senior’s priorities are duly met. In helping seniors with personal hygiene, our caregivers also ensure that they keep their independence and dignity. To know more about our services, call our home health care in Greenbelt, Maryland today!

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